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Ask Our Experts: Can An Editor Rewrite My Story?, Getting Work Published Where do I...
ePublishing: ePublishing Short Stories: How and Why...
Essays: Writing a Dissertation, Referencing in Essays, Essay Structure, Types...
Fiction: What is Microfiction?, Creating a Narrator, Developing a World For...
General Writing Hints
General Writing Hints: The Importance of a Live Read-through When...
Getting Paid For Writing
Getting Paid For Writing: Financing a Career as a Freelance Writer,...
Journalism: Inverted Pyramids, Adapting to House Styles, How to Write News...
Personal Writing
Personal Writing: Memorable Speech Writing, How to Write a Business Letter, How to...
Poetry: Styles of Poetry, Publishing Your Poetry, Writing Romantic Poetry,...
Publicising Your Work
Publicising Your Work: How to Market Your Website, Starting Your Blog,...
Read Our eBook
Read Our eBook: Chapter 2: Writing Your eBook, Chapter 3: Turning Your Book into an...
Script Writing
Script Writing: Writing Comedy Scripts, Script Writing: Formulating The Treatment,...
The Writing Process
The Writing Process: Knowing When To Decline Writing Work Offers, The...
Latest Comments
  • matt
    Re: Starting Your Blog
    I've always wanted to be a writer but being ill has stopped me . I have kidney problems . i'm hoping to start a blog on my faith as a reformed…
    25 June 2015
  • lottie
    Re: Writing Pitfalls
    Hiya I think you should put in a website for children to understand, because I did not understand it.
    12 June 2015
  • Gracie Lacewood
    Re: Could I Re-Write a Very Old Book and Publish It?
    Hi, I write erotica for a living, something I was hoping to pursue has been rewriting classic…
    1 June 2015
  • Imtiaz
    Re: What is a Synopsis and How to Write One
    I have four book series ‘Do It Today’ to provide the much needed inspiration to our budding professionals. I hope…
    11 May 2015
  • precious
    Re: Alliteration and Assonance in Poetry
    nyc infor had much fun reading evn i ddnt wat i wanted
    22 April 2015
  • nom-nom
    Re: Plot vs. Character
    I had a course outline and no teaching notes. I found these very helpful because they are instructional. Thanks for this site. I have just…
    14 April 2015
  • Charlie
    Re: Writing Pitfalls
    @michael - first of all congratulations on publishers being interested in your work. Publishers will usually come forward with an offer and will…
    14 April 2015
  • saa.nna
    Re: Persuasive Writing
    how does s sentence structure help create a shift in tone from informative to persuasive ?
    12 April 2015
  • michael
    Re: Writing Pitfalls
    Hi there. I just started writing i have completed 5 short stories and my first horror has attracted the attention of several publishers. each have…
    10 April 2015
  • sexyeyes
    Re: What is a Synopsis and How to Write One
    Anyone who know of a publisher who can publish my zulu drama book please help me.
    9 April 2015
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